Institute of Technology and Information Systems Ciudad Real

The research groups that form the muscle of the ITSI have many years of experience in research and the transfer of results to society and industry (endorsed by multiple projects in competitive calls and their presence in European projects such as H2020). The portfolio of services and lines of research provided by ITSI covers many of the most cutting-edge trends at the technological level, not only of the present, but also of the future.

Among them we could mention such important lines as:

  • Big Data and artificial intelligence applied to multiple contexts, e-commerce
  • Green in software
  • Integration of sensors and actuators in distributed systems for application in smart agriculture
  • Internet of Things (or IoT as it is also known)
  • Smart cities
  • Cybersecurity


In the last two decades the constant evolution of ICT and the massive use of the Internet has transformed our lives in every way. All this offers us a world of opportunities that, unfortunately, also attracts the attention of cyber-criminals. Creating a climate of digital trust in society implies establishing cybersecurity as the key enabler that allows us to protect ourselves from the increasingly sophisticated and dangerous threats on the Internet.

Aware of this, ITSI is part of the National Cybersecurity Research Network of Excellence (RENIC) that contributes to the improvement of cybersecurity research competitiveness at national and international level from multiple dimensions.

Research Rections

Artificial Intelligence and Representation
Software and information for a digital world
Network and computer architecture
Computer-Human Interaction and Collaboration
Automatic declarative programming and transformation of programs
Information Systems Audit and Security Research Group
Modeling Intelligent Environments
Applied Intelligent Systems
Scientific Computing Group
Application of Soft-Computing techniques