El sitio web de la UCLM utiliza cookies propias y de terceros con fines técnicos y de análisis, pero no recaba ni cede datos de carácter personal de los usuarios. Sin embargo, puede haber enlaces a sitios web de terceros, con políticas de cookies distintas a la de la UCLM, que usted podrá aceptar o no cuando acceda a ellos.

Puede obtener más información en la Política de cookies. Aceptar

Policy for use of cookies


cceptance of this Policy means the user has been duly, clearly and fully informed about the use of data storage and recovery devices( cookies) and that the UCLM has the consent of the user to use these according to the terms of article 22 of Law 34/2002 of the 11th of July of the Services of the Information and Electronic Trading Society (LSSI).

Use of Cookies

Cookies are text files created by the websites you visit, which contain data that can be used to make surfing easier and to create statistics about web use, amongst other purposes.

The user recognises and accepts that the UCLM website may use cookies when surfing on them. The cookies are solely associated with an anonymous User and his or her computer and will not show any information from which the personal data of the User can be deduced.

If you so wish, you may manage or remove the cookies installed on your browser by amending their set up. As every browser has a different set up, search for the word "cookie" in the help section of your browser and follow the instructions.

The UCLM website has its own cookies and those of third parties, whose exclusive purpose is to analyse and improve performance.

Own Cookies:

The UCLM does not use cookies to gather personal information about the User who is accessing its website, nor does it register his or her IP address. It just uses technical cookies, whose purpose is to distribute visitors among different website servers in order to improve the response time for the visited pages, as well as to provide different resources for validation. The possible cookies used are:


It is a session cookie used to balance the load.


It is a session cookie used for statistical purposes


It is a cookie used to control the cookies acceptance message


It is a cookie used to analyse surfing.


It is a cookie used for the Oracle validation systems


It is a cookie used for applications developed with MicrosoftNET


It is a session cookie used by CampusVirtual


Third party cookies:

These are analysis cookies sent to the User from an external domain to the UCLM and are used to register the date and time of the visits received as well as the pages visited. For the UCLM, these cookies are managed by Google Analytics, which creates an anonymous user identity and uses the IP address anonymously since only part of this is used, instead of the complete address. If you wish, you may obtain more information at: 


The cookies used are:


It is a persistent cookie used to register how many times a user visits a site

utmb & utmc

These are session cookies whose task is to monitor the time a session begins and calculate when a session ends


It is a persistent cookie whose task is to register the user origin


To browse the UCLM website it is not necessary to allow the installation of these cookies, they can be disabled in the browser's cookie configuration option.