Calls for External Practices of the Faculty of Letters


Information on External Internships Course 2022.23

The purpose of this call is to offer external internship places for students in the third and fourth year of the degrees and master's degree from the Faculty of Letters, in the PRESENTIAL and TELEWORK modalities.

  • The duration of the internships will be 150 hours (changeable for extracurricular internships) to be carried out between February 15 and February 31. May 2023, being able to adopt another greater or lesser workload (only for extracurricular practices), depending on the needs of the company and the student. The student will only be able to validate 6 credits for external practices if their study plan allows it (curricular practices)
  • The application will be made electronically through the "External Practices" platform, which exists on the website of the Faculty of Letters The application period is open from January 23 to February 3, 2023 (both inclusive).
  • Preference will be given to undergraduate students with an elective internship subject in their study plans (recognized as internships). curricular). If the number of applicants is greater than the number of places offered, the average grade of the academic record
  • Students who have already completed their bachelor's, bachelor's or master's degree studies at the Faculty of Letters or who have requested the title.
  • Students who have rejected an internship place without justified reason in calls will not be able to participate in the program previous.
  • Students who have done internships in previous calls may request them, but those students will have preference that they have not done. On the university website you can find the document with the regulations on the internships of the Faculty of Letters, and also access to the application platform.