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Sports facilities

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The university sports complex on the Albacete campus is located opposite the Humanities/Nursing blocks, behind the  Polytechnic School adjoining the campus apartments. It includes two different spaces, the sports centre and the athletics stadium.
The sports centre has a total built surface area of 5,100m2, with two sports tracks and three indoor paddle tennis courts, a bodybuilding room, a multipurpose room and a changing area.
The athletics stadium includes an approved athletics track inside of which is an artificial playing field.



Sports facilities
  • Sports centre
  • Athletics stadium
  • Bodybuilding rooms
  • Moreno and Roldán multipurpose rooms
  • Paddle tennis courts
Facilities  Timetables  University student fees  Non student fees
Court 1 and 2  Mondays to Fridays 
12:00 - 22:00
10€ 26€
Multipurpose Room  10€ 26€
Paddle tennis court  6€ Mornings until 17:00 8€ 
Evenings from 7:00- 10€
Athletics track  15€ is not offered
Sports facilities
  • Bodybuilding rooms
  • Bodybuilding rooms
  • Multipurpose room
Facilities  Timetables  University student fees  Non student fees
Central court   Mondays to Fridays 
09:00 - 18:00
6€ 12€
Transversal track 4€ 10€
Multipurpose Room  10€ 20€

The Cuenca university campus has two different sports areas, the “María Recuenco”  and “Cardenal Gil de Albornoz” sports facilities. The “María Recuenco”  sports facilities are located in the Fuensanta sports areas, next to the municipal sports facilities and opposite the  General University Library and the Gil de Albornoz building. The complex includes the “Luis Yúfera Recuenco”  sports centre and a 7-a-side  football field with an artificial pitch. The sports centre has a central track,  three transversal tracks, stands for 300 people, changing areas, a paddle tennis court, an offices area, classroom with direct visual communication with the games track and multipurpose sports hall. A walkway links the sports area with the university campus and there is no need to go down the Avenida de Los Alfares.

The “Gil de Albornoz”  sports facilities are included in the Melchor Cano building (level -2) which houses the Nursing and Social Worker degrees, opposite the  Vice-chancellor´s office  on the campus. It is made up of a bodybuilding room with two different areas for cardiovascular workouts and weights; a multipurpose room, lobby with resting area, changing rooms and access controls. Joined to these facilities the UNIVERSITY SPORTS offices are located, where you can make bookings or deal with any formality related to the physical-sports activity programmed.



"María Recuenco" Sports Facilities 
  • Luis Yúfera Recuenco Sports centre
    • Sports centre track
    • Paddle tennis court
    • Multipurpose Room
  • 7-a-side football pitch
  • Paddle tennis courts
  • Individual paddle tennis court
"Gil de Albornoz" Sports Facilities
  • Bodybuilding rooms
  • Multipurpose Room
Facilities Timetables  University student fees  Non student fees
Central Track  Mondays and Tuesdays 
17:00 - 22:00 
Wednesdays and Thursdays 
16:00 - 22:00 
18:00 - 22:00
10€ 18€
Transversal track  8€ 15€
Paddle tennis court  6€ 10€
Singles paddle tennis court   4€ 8€
Badminton court 4€ 8€
Table Tennis  2€ 4€
Football 7-a-side   18€ 60€
Lower Room  10€ 20€
Classroom 30€/hora
Sports facilities
  • Munitions factory Sports centre
  • Water module
  • Lorenzana bodybuilding room
  • Munitions factory bodybuilding room
  • Tennis court
  • Paddle tennis court
Facilities  Timetables  University student fees  Non student fees
Outer tennis court  Mondays to Sundays 
9:00 - 21:00
2€ 8€
Outer paddle tennis court  6€ 10€
Booking sports facilities
Bookings can be made at the offices for University Extension (University Sports) on each campus by request, in accordance with the procedures set. The facilities can also be booked on-line by means of the on-line web services for sports with payment by credit card.