The Faculty of Pharmacy hosts the presentation of the Cofares "Outstanding Tutor for Tutored Internships" and "Excellent Erasmus Student" Awards


The auditorium of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Albacete campus has hosted the awards ceremony for the "Outstanding Tutor" and "Excellent Erasmus" awards, which recognize the value, perseverance, effort, and significant involvement of pharmacists in training new professionals in the pharmacy profession. The event was chaired by the Rector of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, José Julián López-Brea, and featured the participation of Eduardo Pastor, President of Cofares, María Del Rocío Fernández Santos, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Albacete, and José Javier Martínez, President of the Albacete Pharmaceutical Association.

During the event, the Rector congratulated the awardees and their families, highlighting institutional collaboration and the role of tutors in the Faculty of Pharmacy. He recognized that without their contribution, it would be impossible to train pharmacists so excellently. The Rector also praised the work of the faculty members, who have established a Faculty of Pharmacy with high-quality standards within the Spanish university system.

In this ceremony, pharmacist Juan Carlos Molina Cullell was recognized as the "Outstanding Tutor" of the Tutored Practices subject in the Pharmacy degree, meeting the requirements of training a large number of students and having years of experience in the program. On the other hand, Marcos Díaz Tobaruela, who studied at the Comenius University in Bratislava, received the "Excellent Erasmus" award for his outstanding academic performance.

In his speech, Eduardo Pastor, President of Cofares, emphasized the importance of these awards as an example of collaboration and understanding between institutions with the common goal of developing the pharmacy profession with excellence. He stressed that the vocation of transmitting knowledge to the new generations of pharmacists has been valued but not always recognized by entities outside the academic sphere.

Furthermore, the President of Cofares proudly mentioned the signing of a pioneering agreement in Europe with the Carlos III Health Institute, which will involve the experience of pharmacies in the prevention of significant public health issues, including the development of a new discipline such as pharmacoepidemiology. This initiative, which started in the Community of Madrid and has expanded to other territories, provides new opportunities for the entire pharmacy profession.

In conclusion, the awards ceremony at the Faculty of Pharmacy recognized the work of outstanding tutors and excellent Erasmus students. The event was attended by the Rector, the President of Cofares, the Dean of the Faculty, and the President of the Official College of Pharmacists of Albacete. The importance of institutional collaboration, the quality of pharmaceutical education, and the essential role of tutors in the education of future pharmacy professionals were emphasized.