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ocumentation required for pre-registration

The system will indicate the documentation that you must provide depending on the conditions and access routes that you have completed in the application form. It is essential to upload the documentation from the same application to complete the process. Without the supporting documentation, it will not be possible to save the request form or process it.

If the access routes were taken at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, the system will not ask you to provide supporting documentation and it will show you the information in your record.

Otherwise, the documentation to be submitted is:

  • Copy of Identity Document (DNI, Passport, NIE)
  • Depending on the studies carried out, you must also provide:

1. University Admission Exams (COU, LOGSE, LOE, LOMCE, LOMLOE)

  • Copy of report card

2. C.O.U. prior to the 1974/75 academic year

  • A copy of the grades of Bachiller Superior and C.O.U. from the Libro de Escolaridad (Schooling Book).    

3. Pre-university

  • Copy of the qualifications of Higher Baccalaureate, Pre-university and Maturity Tests.

4. Pre-1953 Baccalaureate

  • Copy of the academic transcript of the Baccalaureate.

5. Vocational Training Students

  • Copy of the academic certificate with all the grades obtained in F.P.II. It is essential that it specifies the areas of knowledge, the subjects that make them up and the grade obtained in each of them.
  • Copy of the certificate of the Professional Module or Higher Level Training Cycle.
  • Copy of the Higher Technical Degree or equivalent.
  • Copy of the report card in the case of having completed the Voluntary Phase.

6. Students with an Official University Degree or Equivalent

  • Copy of the academic transcript of university studies with grades in each of the subjects.
  • Copy of the diploma, or proof of having applied for it.

7. Entrance Exams for Over 25s

  • Copy of the 25+ qualification card

8. Admission Examination for people over 40 through Accreditation of Personal or Work Experience

  • Copy of the 40+ qualification card.

9. Admission Examination for people over 45

  • Copy of the 45+ qualification card.

10. Students with UNED Credentials

  • Copy of the credential issued by the UNED.
  • Copy of the report card in the case of having completed the Voluntary Phase.

11. Students with a authorised baccalaureate

  • A copy of the certificate of homologation of the Baccalaureate issued by the MECD.
  • Copy of the report card in the case of having taken the EvAU.